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DNV GLDNV GL participating copy

Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. We provide classification, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. We also provide certification services to customers across a wide range of industries.

Combining leading technical and operational expertise, risk methodology and in-depth industry knowledge, we empower our customers’ decisions and actions with trust and confidence.  We continuously invest in research and collaborative innovation to provide customers and society with operational and technological foresight. With origins stretching back to 1864, DNV GL's reach today is global. Operating in more than 100 countries, our experts are dedicated to helping customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.



Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) S.A.EPE logo PNG

Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) S.A. was founded in 1977, in Piraeus, Greece for the provision of integrated services and products in the field of the marine environmental protection.

EPE provides, globally, a wide range of services including Marine and Industrial Spill Response, Management of Hazardous and non Hazardous Waste, Environmental Rehabilitation and Protection Services, Consulting services, Training Services etc. Moreover, EPE, with state-of-the-art equipment, trained and experienced personnel, offers contingency and preparedness services to all types of facilities such as oil terminals, production platforms, shipyards, power stations, light and heavy industries, ports, in compliance with all relevant legislation and standards.

Focusing on R&D, EPE also designs and manufactures marine equipment such as bilge oil water separators, sewage treatment plants, sacrificial anodes, potable water related, anti-fouling and cathodic protection systems and is classified amongst the main specialized suppliers of Sacrificial Anodes internationally, with applications to subsea infrastructures, shore and land structures, underground pipelines, wind farms, jetties, ships, yachts.

The company has also established collaborations with principals for sprinkler, sewage, stainless steel piping systems, etc.

ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions SAnew logo erma 001

ERMA FIRST designs and manufactures innovative Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) in compliance with the latest legislation. ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT holds USCG Type Approval, Final Approval by IMO and Type Approval by LR. Nowadays, ERMA FIRST has a prestigious reference list comprised of ship-owners and shipyards worldwide.

ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is an advanced modular developed to exceed all special installation requirements. Covering an extensive capacity range of 50-3740 m3/hr, the system is suitable for newbuilds as well as for retrofits of all types and sizes of vessels. The major components of the system are an automatic back-flushing filter and an electrolytic cell of outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions. Using an active substance produced by the method of electrolysis, the re-growth of microorganisms is eliminated.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Developmebt (EBRD)EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was established in 1991 to provide financial assistance to the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It has since played a historic role and gained unique expertise in fostering change in the region - and beyond. The EBRD is committed to furthering progress towards market-oriented economies and the promotion of private and entrepreneurial initiative. It is owned by 66 countries and two institutions and operates across 38 countries. It has a capital base of €30 billion and a AA rating. EBRD commenced operations in Greece in 2015 and has since invested over €1.6 billion in 32 transactions.


Farad SA Heat Exchangersfarad NEW logo 1

Headquarted in Piraeus, Greece, Farad SA Heat Exchangers, design and manufacture high quality marine and industrial tubular heat exchangers since 1979, serving domestic and international markets.

The company’s mission is to always exceed client expectations in offering highest quality tubular heat exchangers. It is backed by an all-round, customer-centered flexible approach with outstanding service, lifetime support, ensuring best value at competitive prices.

Our customers rely on a trusted record of a large number of successfully completed tubular heat exchanger projects, spanning over three decades of professionalism and expertise.

In order to meet clients’ individual needs, FARAD SA Heat Exchangers, present a wide range of products in every tubular heat exchanger category: turbo-charged Air Coolers, Steam-Dump Condensers, Marine Gas Oil (MGO) Cooling Units, Heaters, Electric Heaters, Oil Coolers, Water Coolers, Freon Evaporators and Condensers, approved by all leading marine classification societies.

Setting highest standards for our staff, associates and our European raw material vendors, while employing state-of-the-art technology and know-how, we proudly say we can meet any technical challenge. And it is no accident as our company operates under a continuous, improving quality management system–ISO 9001:2008, by BV.

For enquiries of any type of tubular heat exchanger, we are happy to serve and recommend the appropriate application.



Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI)ebidite logo

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) was founded on September 22nd 2008 following a joint endeavor on behalf of the main part of the Hellenic Industry active in space technology and space applications sector. The Association currently includes forty one (41) active members.

All HASI members are high-tech companies, employing over 2000 employees, of which the vast majority constitutes highly educated personnel in space technology and its applications.

HASI members currently accumulate Greece’s research and manufacturing person power in the space technology and applications sector. From 2003 up to date, HASI members have been successfully participated in over 50 space technology and applications programs, involving ΕSA as well as other international programs. HASI members had a cumulative budget of more than 170m in 2017.




HEMEXPO - Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters consists of Greek leading companies, specialized in manufacturing marine equipment and products, all investing in innovation and aiming at extroversion.

HEMEXPO companies operate advanced production plants in Greece, manned by highly competent engineers and scientific experts. The companies manufacture innovative, patented and awarded products, certified by International Classes and implementing in-house R&D for marine equipment which is related to environmental protection, electrical and electronic products, shipboard systems, galley and laundry equipment, water treatment, and construction materials. The products add significant value, offering cost effective and innovative solutions to the shipyard and the ship-owner.

The goal of HEMEXPO is to promote the marine equipment industry in Greece by supporting healthy and innovative companies to pivot in the shipbuilding industry. At the same time, HEMEXPO initiated a powerful opening for exporting to shipyards in Asia (China, South Korea and Japan) and Europe under the support of Greek ship-owners and the Greek State.




The Leading Rope & Wire Rope Manufacturers

Driven by a Spirit of Innovation in both Management and Product Development

D. Koronakis S.A. is the leading company in the manufacturing of ropes and wire ropes in Europe and one of the largest and most important companies in its field worldwide.

Established back in 1967 by the founders of the company Eleni and Dimitri Koronakis, the company continues to be 100% family owned serving the needs of the Shipping, Offshore Oil and Gas, Drilling and Towing, Yachting and Sailing, Fishing and Aquaculture Industries.

Since the very beginning, D. Koronakis S.A., has been driven by a spirit of innovation in both management and product development.

Our product range includes hi-tec synthetic ropes, wire and combination ropes, mooring ropes and specialized sailing and yachting ropes. Produced in Greece, all our products are globally recognized for their top quality and technical performance.

In recent years, the production units of the company have expanded, covering more than 24,000 m2 of of building areas on more than 100,000 m2 of land. The company operates a state of the art factory that is able to produce any kind of rope, of any size, quality, length or color.

In addition to the products which are produced in-house, the company keeps a large stock of anchors, chains and anchor chains, fiber slings, rigging gears and various accessories.

With our daughter company, we are also able to serve the needs of the netting and fishfarming industries.

The mission statement of the company is "to focus on customer satisfaction, worldwide coverage, custom-made design and development of unique products." To succeed in this, while also being able to respond 24/7 to our customer's needs all over the world, we have built a distribution network with our best selling products at the biggest ports worldwide: Piraeus, New York, Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Panama, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Fujairah, Durban, Cape Town, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Livorno, Tarragona, Algeciras Las Palmas.

The company is daily looking into new challenges and is equipped with machinery of latest technology. To guarantee top quality control for our products, we have established in our factory and operate the biggest Test Bench available in southern Europe.

All our products comply with International Certification Organizations.

NanoPhos SANanoPhos Marine Logo PANTONE 001

NanoPhos SA was founded in 2005 with a vision to transfer innovation from the laboratory to everyday life, utilizing the power of nanotechnology. By harnessing nanotechnology, NanoPhos seeks to create a more comfortable, safe and trouble-free living environment. The products of NanoPhos constitute result of study by Greek researchers, they are 100% produced in Greece and exported to more than 25 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and America.

In 2008 NanoPhos was distinguished by Bill Gates for innovation and received the first prize of Innovation and Sustainability in the 100% Detail International Tradeshow in London. By taking advantage of the nanoparticles benefits for the end user, NanoPhos provides solutions for common problems such as moisture, mould and thermal insulation. It also provides high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly chemical products for water repelling, thermal, cleaning and for protecting surfaces such as tiles, walls, metals, cement to add functionality and boost energy efficiency in buildings and construction projects. The products are patented, awarded, high-quality and high-technology craft materials, which are certified by International Classes.

In 2014 NanoPhos decided to transfer all its experience and success from the construction market to marine coatings. NanoPhos Marine is established to bring innovative solution to Maritime industry. By taking advantage of unique properties of nanotechnology invents clever materials to solve common needs such as fouling growth, sea water corrosion, incident heat radiation and accumulation of salt deposits. Antifouling coatings with no metal oxide biocides, thermal insulating paints and self-cleaning protection are only some of the product enhancements nanotechnology can offer. Nanophos Marine product portfolio includes 25 products focusing on maintenance, cleaning, hull protection, antifouling and fuel saving. 



NAP Engineering is an independent company providing highly qualified design, engineering and consulting services for companies involved in the shipping and ship building business.

Since 1979 the company has grew up and developed competences in conceptual ship design, structural design and advanced engineering with the use of in-house CAD/CAE software and investment in research and development. Through an extensive number of New-building projects and Conversions NAP has acquired considerable experience and has been long trusted from many ship-owners in Greece and abroad. 

Prisma Electronics SAPrisma logo 1

Prisma Electronics, since 1991, has been a pioneering company for innovative ICT solutions and Industrial Electronics manufacturing for both Aerospace and Defense Sector offering specialized solutions to demanding customers such as CERN, Airbus and ESA. The company is headquartered in NE Greece with branches in Athens, London and other locations for providing total support to its international operations.

Over the last years, Prisma Electronics developed and launched LAROS innovative Wireless Remote Monitoring system which has been successfully welcomed by many well noted Maritime organizations getting significant benefits. LAROS technology (Lloyd’s Technical Achievement Award) adopters improved their fleet’s operations efficiency, improved maintenance and achieved better regulatory compliance.

LAROS system is capable of interfacing with all major industrial sensor/instruments or seaborne systems in order to continuously collect and process data from any point of interest providing a holistic approach on vessel situational awareness. 

Today LAROS is considered among the robust and mature solutions for Vessel Performance Monitoring offering proven savings in Fuel Oil Consumption, Ship to Shore Communication, Inspection and Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance for more than 300 vessels.

Prisma Electronics has a strategic partnership with DNV GL, Lloyds Register, well recognized academic institutions (University of Strathclyde, NTUA, and Southampton), world class hydrodynamic research centers (HSVA) and many other leading solutions providers for the maritime sector. 



SeaBrightSeabright hemexpo book

SeaBright® has become a well known and sought brand for the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures as well as for the commerce of electrical equipment for ships. With its well-trained and experienced personnel and the close following of the technological development, our company has more or less caught up with its goal.

Our company manufacture exclusive lighting fixtures for outdoor areas, garages, engine rooms, living rooms, cabins, WC, ext. Our products are manufactured strictly aiming to meet all technological demands of costumers and delivered in the right time according to the best commercial conditions and prospects.

Our company uses A quality class materials which are guaranteed by all proportionately certificates, when required. Furthermore has been obtained ISO 9001 certification, as importance is giving to the quality of the products as much as the quality of the company. Having the know-how and the experience in the particular requirements of the shipping lighting we provide excellent results.



SQLearnSQLearn Logo

SQLearn, a Greek company founded in 2006, is a specialized provider of e-learning services, including custom e-learning solutions, instructional design and custom e-learning content development, game based learning, serious games development, 3d training simulations, mobile learning and e-learning consultancy services. The company provides solutions that meet training requirements and save on costs, providing a great return on investment. SQLearn provides a modern way to improve safety for maritime and is the first to use e-learning for the advancement of maritime training with flexible and interactive learning techniques. Our services include a library of e-learning courses and an e-learning system designed especially for maritime companies. SQLearn e-learning platform and courses are certified according to relevant ABS standards for Maritime Education Facilities and Training Courses.